Walking War Robots(WWR) Tips

This is a personal Hints And Tips of WWR.

About Walking War Robots for (WWR)

Walking War Robots (WWR) is an online action game to play with customized robot.
You can play in the basic free.

iOS version: Walking War Robots – App Store
Android version: Walking War Robots – Google Play の Android アプリ

There are additional charges.
Gold and silver to be used for, robot and weapons purchases
Silver and experience value increase ticket

Gold and silver will be able to win if you play the game.

Demo Play

It is a video of when I played.

One important thing is to win

In Walking War Robots, victory conditions there are two.
1) to annihilate an opponent
2) acquires a beacon, to the opponent gauge to zero

Most of the game will determine game by “acquires a beacon, to the opponent gauge to zero.”

In other words, to win it must get the beacon. Please do not forget to take a beacon.

Everyone would not want to be a loser. You might defeat a lot of enemies. But, if you lose the game, it is a loser.

information for beginners

Is what brief summary of that felt by not play personally Walking War Robots (WWR). Reference degree.

recommended robot “Destirier”

This is the robot there from the beginning. Point of recommendation, it moving speed is fast. To practice, there is also an earlier robot, attack power is also expensive robot. However, I think the first to learn the operation that’s perfect for robot. Since light equipment there are various weapons, it is good to also explore how to fight favorite.

2015-11-17 14.58.35

It is said to be weak, but I think that it is not a weak robot enough to say personally. When it comes to put out the veterans in this robot, it becomes easier to put the veterans in other robot, it is the robot that you want to some extent play Walking War Robots (WWR).

like a ninja robot “Cossack”

Cossack (Cossack), the moving speed and the jump can be, is a robot that can move the map to freely. Its most important role is taken of the beacon.
Not only take quickly the beacon at the start of the game, also rob the beacon of the enemy take the end of the map, it is the play of the Cossacks (Cossack) unique.
In addition, tend to the center of the beacon will be hard-fought, even his own robot was destroyed, it should take. It is that the first to choose the Cossacks (Cossack).
However, weapons because it is the middle-equipped Cossack (Cossack), is fine attack power is high. In addition, since it is also possible to avoid a brilliant attack by jump, if Tachimaware well, you can defeat the enemy pretty.

-Strike is hidden in-wall
You are actually playing even the second half of the video, but hidden in the wall, there is a trick to that weapon only a little out attack. It may also be used in other robots, but personally it is quite often the technique be used in Cossack (Cossack).

This way you can be in a variety of robot. For example, in the case of the Vityaz is that often shoot in hiding on the wall because it is equipped with light weapons to both.

スクリーンショット 2015-06-05 00.19.17

Recommended robot

Personally, it is recommended that you first buy the Cossacks (Cossack). In addition, Stalker if taking the beacon is probably the best. It is then of the robot, but, basically, those who began to strongly around the robot? Close range – middle distance is good. Personally recommended, Patton, Boa, is Griffin.

Because, as I wrote the first time in the “important only one thing to win”, the outcome of this game is because in most cases, determined by the scramble for beacon. If the long-range robot is large, it is not possible to go to pick up a beacon, is very often that you would lose.

Medium-range and long-range robot might be referred to as a “Imoru” that are in does not move much at the player’s side. “Imoru” and can not win the battle, to also I get silver small, gold does not give me. I think this is a waste.

So, who was at the center of the fuselage of the short-range – medium-range would be good.

When it comes to be able to buy the Natasha of long-range robot that can be purchased in silver, you will want to use the Natasha. Therefore, it becomes the only team Natasha, chances are very good that you will lose the game. So, when using Natasha, you can either proceed to the center as push up the front line, will require strategies such as abandon the Natasha by looking at the situation.

Robot Tips

It is a personal Tips on robot. In reference of robot selection.


2015-11-17 14.58.35
Features of Destirier is small foot speed and robot. I am writing several times, but because it is balanced robot is a robot is recommended for beginners. You can see if it is possible to watch the video, but is can be used robot until about mid-level.

The middle level, at the level of the matching of players to each other, on, in, and it is said that there is below. The details are not published, but is that to some extent, be player and matching the same level.

In addition, the distance a good match is a short distance – middle distance.

-Fierce battle Destirier(Pinata)-Walking War Robots(WWR)

Equipment recommended is a Pinata.

I Is there because like Pinata, but the first place Destirier will lose surely Once Uchia~tsu from other robots and the front. Walking War Robots (WWR) is said to be in many cases determined the game in the beacon, would still difficult even acquisition of Beacon If you do not defeat an opponent.
Destirier strategy should take you can not win by Uchia~tsu from the front is one only. It is so hit-and-away. Sonaruto, inevitably Pinata requires instant attack power (Pinata) is the most recommended.
Also, since there is a decent mobility, CRV Pin by even how to use, it will be a presence to be harassment for the opponent.


2015-11-17 14.58.39
This is a robot that I know and love. The biggest feature is the moving speed. Speed walking is the fastest. There is also a thermal power because weapon three can be equipped. Considering the upper robot Destirier It is easy to understand.
Since the Gepard is a robot that can not buy only in Au, please note. By the way, is 1200 gold.

I so often partnering strategy in specialized, I bought four bodies. Raise the level even in the absence of accounting, if you are playing, you can not think and align so difficult.

Compatibility is good distance is short-distance – middle distance.

The name seems to mean that animal cheetah.

-Gepard Corps(218,457, 9-3)-Walking War Robots(WWR) Part42


2015-11-17 14.58.44
Have the heavy equipment, it is the movement speed is fast robot. As I wrote in the first person, the operation is quite difficult, personally I recommend Destirier.

Heavy equipment will have equipment that can long-distance shelling, but equipped with one will not be given too much damage. In addition, there are powerful equipment that ECC at close range equipped with heavy equipment, you may very well be the durability of Schutze is not fully defeat the low for the other party. For that reason I will not be completely operational, we do not use too much.

Compatibility is good distance short distance, is a long distance.

Recommended equipment is a short-range shotgun “ECC Thunder”.

Equipment of long distance does not deny the lack firepower. Absolutely, attack power is too small when compared to Natasha and Fury, is prone to air. Also from the point of view of long-distance victory, also from the point of view of earning gold, contributions to the team. Therefore tend to be low, still short distance recommended.
If ECC Thunder, you win even if Yaria~tsu and Griffin If Tachimaware properly. Since there is mobility, if Tachimaware well, it is also possible to defeat 3,4 body.

However, among robot level is low, durability is low, because that would be done immediately, please have in mind. It may win even Yaria~tsu from the front, but in the robot, such as Boa and Golem with the same ECC Thunder, and because that would lose in firepower, and taking advantage of mobility, I think that it is good to continue to move.

-Schutze(ECC Thunder)-Walking War Robots(WWR)


2015-11-17 14.58.48
Cossack is a feature that can move speed and jump. To go to take the beacon, it is the most suitable robot. In addition, since the weapon of medium equipment can be equipped, it is also high surprisingly attack power.

I have even included collect gold, had fought in one time Cossack main. I recommended it move feel like ninja.
Compatibility is good distance is short-distance – middle distance.


2015-11-17 14.58.52
High movement speed, jump can be, there is also durability, is an excellent robot in all of high attack power as well. The combination of the R4OM Orkan of medium weapons is fairly atrocious, one of the robot that does not want to fight personally.

Since Rogatka is robot that can not buy only in Au, please note. By the way, is 2500 gold.
Distance is a short distance – middle distance.

E-SG Taran(Rogatka)-Walking War Robots(WWR)

Gl. Patton

2015-11-17 14.58.56
Light weapons is characterized by 4 it can be equipped with. In other words, we can say the attack force importance of the robot. It is basically often be equipped with the same weapons, but you can to shield only one, but some prefer to or equipped with different weapons.

Since the moving speed is a moderate, we thought of as a balanced robot. There is a robot to jump that Griffin, but I think that it is up to buy it and this Patton becomes mainstay.

By the way, can be equipped with four Pinata, it will considerable damage hits all the bullet. Once you Are try.
Compatibility is good distance is short-distance – middle distance.

Gl. Patton(Pinata)Practice-Walking War Robots(WWR)

Gl. Patton(CRV Pin)Practice-Walking War Robots(WWR)

Gl. Patton(SM NORICUM)-Walking War Robots(WWR)


2015-11-17 14.59.00

Weapon has become light, light, heavy, it is a short distance – medium-range of the robot. Operation is difficult, I think that person is less likely to have handle Vityaz very well be online.

Although heavy weapons are there for, there is no role of two light weapons at long range, after all if you do not leather war at close range – middle distance, it does not capitalize the performance of the robot. However, when is the short distance – medium-range, because those of Patton and Boa is strong, you have absolutely Vityaz becomes a half-hearted feeling.

However, thanks to endurance is raised in an update, now easier to close combat. Equipment of personally recommended, combination of CRV-Pin and ECC Thunder. CRV-Pin is a good even Pinata, but the feeling that you personally play towards the CRV-Pin is I thought it was a good chemistry.

Because, since the moving speed is not fast up there, is that often can not be chasing the enemy. Also, can also be used when approaching while checks and balances in the middle distance, todome You can also in that sting in the ECC. It can be more general in operation.

By the way, there is one point that are very good compared to the Golem. It is that light weapons is divided into left and right. This may very well be the case that hit the weapon while hiding in the wall.

Vityaz(GAU Panisher、ECC Thunder)-Walking War Robots(WWR)

Vityaz(CRV Pin、ECC Thunder)-Walking War Robots(WWR)


2015-11-17 14.59.04

As you raise the robot level, moving speed also increases, durability is also high, a powerful weapon from the fact that can be equipped, it will grow to a robot that is hugely strength at close range.

At those who want to assault at close range, to say that Boa one-choice if go a robot that does not use gold in the main it is not an exaggeration. By the way, the equipment is R4OM Orkan and heavy weapons of ECC Tunder is iron plate of medium weapons.

Compatibility is good distance is a short distance. Middle distance also fight so so, but if Atere pounding the ECC Tunder was rush, you’ll win with an alternative enemy. I thought of as a Gachinko robot.
However, until the level of the robot goes up, please note that it is not so strong.

Boa Recommended equipment in the iron plate, it is ECC Tunder + Orkan. However, Orukan because gold is the weapon, I think that it is good to use the Punisher Until put it in hand. In use the checks and balances in the middle distance, and Punisher short of the amount of damage is often ideal for support of ECC Tunder.


2015-11-17 14.59.09
It is a performance, such as strikes to the upper robot of Vityaz. Light, medium, and can be equipped with heavy weapons, movement speed There is also decent, there is also endurance. I feel that all-rounder, but since there is no specialized parts in reverse, but you could also say that it is difficult how to fight.

Until about mid-matching, but is a decent-to-use robot, and according to become a top matching, it is also a robot people to use is reduced.

Good distance of compatibility, the short-range – medium-range kana. In the case of long distance, heavy weapon In one, it will lack absolutely in firepower.

-Golem(Trident, S-25 Tulumbar, CRV Pin)-Walking War Robots(WWR)


2015-11-17 14.59.13
Heavy weapons can be equipped with three, is a robot that is also durable. Exactly the word battery is worthy, weapon level will knocked tens of thousands of damage by simply come and attack once raised. In the medium to the matching, it is astounding presence.

However, it may have when approached also surprisingly weak one side.

Since the Fury is a robot that can not buy only in Au, please note. By the way, is 5000 gold. Either the billing, this luxury robot can not buy not to put up to buy the other gold weapons and robot in order to buy this robot.
You do not have to buy personally, but strength is with origami. I would definitely buy robot If you go in the long-distance subject.

Of course a good distance of chemistry is a long distance.

Fury-Walking War Robots(WWR)-1


2015-11-17 14.59.17
Anyway endurance is the high robot. When the robot level is low, Why can not so much success, the level of the robot is coming up, movement speed up, it will become a tremendous strength.

Equipment seems GEKKO compatible with light weapons is good. Because, I still have not raised level until there, so it does not have can feel.

Good distance of chemistry is, I think the kana middle distance – long distance.

GEKKO XX Test Play(Leo)-Walking War Robots(WWR)


2015-11-17 14.59.21
Weapon is the four equipment can be fired importance of the robot. Movement speed is slower, but it is possible to jump, you can be the agile movement than expected. Moreover, it is also possible tricky movement, such as attack from the top of the hill and roof by jump.
Because it is a robot, which is also used in the above matching, it can be said that it bought not hurt to robot.

Equipment, light weapons two, medium weapons 2 Tsude, many people have been equip align the firing range of the weapon. Specifically, the combination of AC Molet and AC Molet T, it feels like GAU Punisher and GAU Punisher T. In your favorite After getting used, I think better to change the equipment.
I wrote and firepower importance, because endurance is also high, it is one of the robots win by Uchia~tsu in Gachinko.

Good distance of chemistry is, it is a short distance – middle distance. Also if approaches or is quite important robot to the other party.

Griffin(CRV Pin, S-25 Tulumbar)-Walking War Robots


2015-11-17 14.59.25

Heavy weapons can be equipped two, is a robot that is durable. Difficulty of moving speed is slow. Speaking of long distance a robot that can be purchased with Ag, I think Natasha kana. Gold is overwhelmingly recommended towards the Fury if.

I good distance of chemistry is long distance.


2015-11-17 14.59.30

Two light weapons equipment can do the robot. It is with Destirier, but the maximum of features there is a stealth mode point. Stealth mode and is the ability that you press the button from the other party will not be locked on. In addition, the moving speed is fast, I am beyond the Gepard.

You can see the maximum value when you want to strengthen, but the speed is 66.

As I tried to use impressions, Pinata, is per EP Magnum felt the weapon pretty good chemistry. In stealth mode to attack in Pinata, Are You a battle that directly escape taking advantage of the speed of foot. Good distance of chemistry, I think short distance.

Also, is the combination of the Ecu was pretty strong as a new approach. The strong and either say, or rather to be nasty. However, you can use pretty to take a beacon.

Stalker(Get Beacons Style) -Walking War Robots(WWR)

As well as Rhino, is a robot to buy using the workshop point.

Play Video of weapons Pinata in Stalker.


2015-11-17 14.59.34
The robot can produce a shield to prevent attacks from the front. As with Stalker, it becomes robot to buy using the workshop point.

In the case of the normal mode, you can use the middle arms and light weapons, but the movement is very slow. When you issue a shield, it will speed up the movement speed of the forward, but on where it takes a long time to turn, you can not retreat. Also, you will not be able to use the medium weapons.

Shield will prevent the damage, but as the damage of the explosion system, such as a Pinata and CRV Pin. Ecu is the intuitive to think and put out in front.

Anyway, I was up a video of when several times play GAU Panisher and S-25 Tulumbar. Yet, I have not found my own good use, but I think that it is a robot that Rhino is would be helpful to know how What kind of robot.

Rhino-Walking War Robots(WWR)-2(AC Molot, S-25 Tulumbar)

Rhino-Walking War Robots(WWR)-3(CRV Pin, S-25 Tulumbar)

GAU Panisher, AC Molot, in three of the CRV Pin is looks good is compatibility of GAU Panisher.

By the way, it will break the shield of the entire surface of damaged to some extent.

Rhino Side Attack-Walking War Robots(WWR)


2015-11-17 23.48.23
Robot to be purchased using the workshop point. The heavy weapons two is equipped, it is a robot from the beginning is equipped with a barrier. The moving speed is faster a certain period of time when you press the rush button.

The combination of the ECC of the initial equipment is normally strong.

Carnage first play-Walking War Robots(WWR)

Carnage(ECC Thunder, Ancile)-Walking War Robots(WWR)

Recommend Robot Rankings

# 1: Rogatka
# 2: Fury
# 3: Stalker
# 4: Boa
# 5: Griffin

The leaders of all is the robot to buy Gold. Rogatka is robot first to be taken into hand. It is very strong.

Fury is a powerful robot facing to earn score. Au is required in large quantities.

Stalker and advice on robot that can be purchased at the workshop point. Stealth function is very strong.

Recommend Boa If you want to assault. Griffin is easy to use while middle distance.