Ramen noodle ranking in Roppongi 2015

2015, Ramen-noodle ranking of Roppongi.

Menya Musashi Kosyou

2015-07-28 18.37.22
Thick noodle. Noodles was very delicious. Musashi system is really delicious noodles, you will not be noodles only be eaten. It’s amazing.
2015-07-28 18.47.34

Tetsu in Roppongi Hills

2015-10-02 19.23.55
I have done to become want to eat for the first time in a long time. Especially prime. Taste that you would at once ate.

2015-10-02 19.32.28
The biggest feature of TETSU is baked stone. Put the grilled stone soup, and warm again.

2015-10-02 19.18.06
You can add fried leeks. Come is the favorite.

2015-10-02 19.36.18


2015-04-16 19.17.53
Ordinary ramen is delicious have been frankly. The photograph is a citron 辣湯 noodles. It is also in Roppongi Hills.
2015-04-16 19.25.53

Ramen AjinoSen

2015-09-29 18.33.31
Ramen shop in between Roppongi Tokyo Roppongi chome station. I miso ramen is the main, but is soup was very delicious.
2015-09-29 18.45.12
After barbecued pork. In fragrant Even though ass, very delicious. Once is the roast pork quite recommend that you want to eat.

Menya San Maru Go)

2015-09-28 12.31.16
Jiro system of ramen. Now that we have in vegetables widening, hearty.

2015-09-28 12.43.58
There are other menu such as ramen noodles dipped.

2015-09-28 12.43.53